Parks and nature

  • Alberoni

    The Alberoni Dunes Oasis, managed by the WWF, contains one of the most extensive and best preserved dune systems of the Northern Adriatic coast. With dunes up to ten meters high and paths that cross a...
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  • Boka Waterfall

    The Boka waterfall, the most impressive in Slovenia and one of the most impressive in Europe, gathers its waters in the karst mountains rich in caves and in the abysses of Kanin and plunges headlong i...
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  • Ca' Roman

    Ca' Roman is the southern edge of the beaches that, from Cavallino to Chioggia, separate the Venice lagoon from the sea. Ca' Roman preserves, thanks to its relative isolation, one of the most intact...
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  • Canneviè-Porticino

    A wildlife oasis where there are a few fishing huts and a typical ancient labourer eel trapping device. There is also a beautiful nature trail that winds between tongues of land and expanses of water.
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  • Caorle Falconera

    Here extends one of the most beautiful and suggestive natural areas of Veneto, among endless silences and numerous fishing huts. The characteristic rocker bridge allows you to enter a unique natural e...
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  • Cavallino Treporti

    The coastline of Cavallino Treporti is a long and fertile peninsula between Venice and Jesolo that stretches for 15 kilometres and is distinguished by the environment of great naturalistic importance ...
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  • Divača (Divaccia)

    Here you will find the Park Škocjanske jame (Park of the Caves of St. Canziano), one of the biggest attractions in Slovenia. This is one of the three Slovenian UNESCO World Heritage Sites: it is a co...
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  • Eraclea Sea

    Eraclea Mare, called the "Green Pearl of the Adriatic", is a natural oasis surrounded by a pine forest that lends itself to exploration and enjoyment of nature. The Laguna del Mort nature reserve is...
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  • Nordio Woods

    A small detour to Sant'Anna di Chioggia allows you to visit the interesting Nature Reserve of the Bosco Nordio, a relict of lowland woodland where among the holm oaks and maritime pines live badgers,...
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  • Riviera del Brenta

    The Riviera del Brenta, considered by the Venetians as the ideal extension of the Grand Canal, stretches along the banks of the Naviglio del Brenta and is the ancient natural bed of the Brenta River. ...
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  • Taglio della Falce

    The name derives from the homonymous valley, almost completely reclaimed, Falce Valley: it is the last reclamation intervention of the whole national territory.It is the only wetland located at the so...
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  • Tolmin Gorges

    Visit the Tolmin Gorge, located at the lower entrance to the Triglav National Park. They are characterized by a large boulder stuck between the walls, the Devil's Bridge, suspended 60 m above the blu...
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  • Val Rosandra

    The beautiful valley can be crossed along the bike path built on the former railway station, in addition to the old railway station you can admire on the other side of the valley the little church of ...
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