Travel planning

When to leave

The Adriabike cycle route crosses environments with different climates, from the Alpine valleys to the Venetian lagoon and the Po Valley. The best months to travel are May, June, September and October. Better to avoid the summer months, especially in the Po Valley, characterized by little shade and a hot and humid climate.

Three weekly travel proposals

The Adriabike cycle route can be divided into 3 weekly travel proposals. Each proposal is divided into daily stages designed to reach tourist destinations with accommodation. The travel proposals allow you to experience all the pleasures of this trip: various landscapes, safe, easy, slow and pleasant cycling routes, stops in tourist cities and opportunities to visit villages, cultural and natural sites and food and wine stops. Depending on training and preparation of the traveller, it is possible to lengthen or shorten the stages at will. 


The itinerary takes mainly place on minor roads with little traffic. When possible, protected cycle routes have been chosen and if there is no alternative, the itinerary goes on short stretches of roads with vehicular traffic.
The complete route is suitable for adult cyclists with a good knowledge of biking, good training and a good travel experience. Travellers at first experience, or families with children can choose the flat stages and those served by the railway network to reach the intermediate stages.
The strong sunshine and summer temperatures can be dangerous; it is advisable to protect your head, use sunscreen, avoid cycling during the hottest hours.

Useful tips

In the midsummer it is advised to drink at least two litres of water per day, possibly with mineral salts, to reduce the risk of heat stroke.
The stages frequently cross towns and villages where it is possible to purchase food and drink. Some of the stages are in isolated rural areas (Po Delta, Province of Venice, Karst), it is advisable to stock up on water. Accommodation facilities in the summer months may be full, so it is advisable to book in advance.
During stops in the cities it is advisable to pay attention to theft. Always use good quality locks and ask for secure racks at the accommodation facilities.
To improve orientation, we recommend downloading maps and tracks from the website.
Do not forget the set for the replacement and repair of the inner tube in case of puncture.


The route is equipped with descriptive panels, while the signage is present but uneven. In Italy all stages are equipped with brown signs but with a numbering that varies depending on the region crossed. In Slovenia some stages are not signposted, some are marked with red signs.


The itinerary runs mainly along paved roads, but there are also some dirt roads. Travel bikes, hybrids, gravel or a mountain bike are recommended. All must be equipped with lighting and reflectors. Two rear bags and a handlebar trunk is enough baggage. Padded shorts, technical T-shirts, windproof jacket and helmet are recommended.