GAL VENEZIA ORIENTALE (VeGAL) is non-profit development agency, with incorporated legal status, founded in 1995 by reputable public and private companies in the North West of Veneto.
The company’s mission is to work for the development of Western Venice/Venezia Orientale through inter-sectorial actions aimed at qualifying local systems, at integrating ambitious business sectors in the territory, and at strengthening local cultural identity.
The Association’s goals are:
• to support innovative initiatives promoted by private and public local operators as a response to the needs of both production and social realities in the territory.
• to bring together different entities operating in the territory with the scope of working together on a common goal.
• to qualify the local enterprise systems
• to widen community-based experiences and stimulate cooperative transnational initiatives.
GAL Venezia Orientale works in sectors involved in rural development, intended as virtuous integration of the various economic sectors affecting the area. These areas include tourism, agriculture, enterprise, environmental protection, and local services, with focus, above all, on integration and development of cooperative proposals.

Contact Person
Cinzia Gozzo

Via Cimetta 1, 30026 Portogruaro (VE) Italy